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How to stop overeating by slowing down: Free private coaching session

One of the most important parts of my method for weight loss without dieting is to learn how to stop overeating. This is done by slowing down your eating so that you can savour your food. Slowing down your eating has two really important outcomes;

  1. It helps your stomach to catch up and realise when it has had enough food, which massively helps to stop overeating.

  2. It will make for a more pleasurable experience and in time have you reaching for higher quality ingredients as you want to experience the pleasure of better food.


I have a few very simple tricks that I use to slow down my eating that I am happy to share for free via a virtual meal. From learning these simple tricks, you will stop eating when you are full and be eating better quality ingredients, both of which will result in weight loss! But don't take my word for it, book now to have a free virtual meal with me, where I will personally teach you my simple tricks to stop overeating and start losing weight. BYO Tim Tam or your favourite treat!

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