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Adelaide weight loss

Updated: Jun 21

My Adelaide weight loss journey has been easy since I learned how to lose weight without dieting. However, it hasn't always been so easy. I grew up here and developed some relatively common habits of overeating rich western foods. I'm so glad to have now learned how to lose weight without dieting and share in this post my Adelaide weight loss journey so far.

My background

After a dozen or so years living on the east coast, it has been interesting to move back to my home town of Adelaide. Whilst my weight loss challenges started well before I moved back home, and even before I left really, it has been great to be able to prove that what I have learned can be applied even with all the fast food options and social meals out. Not having any rules or restrictions around what I can eat whilst still losing weight has been life changing.

Adelaide weight loss

Adelaide weight loss journey

Something that clicked one day was how slowly my wife eats compared to me. Eating pizza before, I would be reaching for my fourth slice when she was still on her first.

We had spent years trying to work out why I eat so much more than my wife, and why I am always craving and eating more junk food. Turns out I was just eating too fast and not letting my stomach catch up to my eyes!

The solution

So the simple solution was to slow down and be more present when I am eating. To learn more about how I have lost weight so far please click here.

Whilst it is as simple as slowing down your eating and being more mindful, it can sometimes be difficult to apply it yourself without some extra help. I was fortunate enough to be working with a great coach when I was first applying these mindful eating practices to lose weight. If you want a free consult with me to hear how you can use this technique to lose weight, click here or below :)


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