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How to lose weight easily without exercise: 2 simple tricks

Updated: Jun 21

I often get asked if it is possible to lose weight without lots of exhausting cardio and gruelling HIIT workouts. The short answer is absolutely YES! In this post I will share two simple tricks that you can apply immediately to show you how to lose weight easily without exercise.

I promise these two tricks are super simple and I will show you in this blog how to implement each of them.

The 2 tricks on how to lose weight easily without exercise

Trick 1: Chew slowly (and how to do it every time!)

This might not be the first time you've heard someone tell you to slow down when you are eating. Maybe it even brings back memories of one or both of your parents telling you to slow down and chew your food.

I always found it hard to eat my food slowly until one day I learned a really simple technique. It was during a conversation with my wife when we were once again trying to work out why I was heavy and she was lean. We had been together for years by this stage and whilst I always knew what I should eat, I often struggled to work out how to eat the way she ate (thus the name of this blog being "how" the health!).

We had so often discussed and questioned why I overate and struggled with dieting, eating the right size portions and generally I always felt hungry and generally a bit of a lack. By this stage there had been years and years of endless conversations about why I ate so much and how to fix it. Fortunately my wife is incredibly patient!

Then finally during this one conversation on a Saturday afternoon, we asked the key question: what if it's not what I eat, but how I eat. Then that lead us down a beautiful path of questioning where we realised that I eat so much more quickly than my wife. In fact, when eating pizza together previously, I would often be on my fourth slice whilst she was still on her first!

Once we realised this difference between us, the next question was how to slow myself down. I had previously tried to put my food and fork down between mouthfuls, which had been somewhat helpful. It is definitely a good habit and one that I still recommend and use myself. But it wasn't enough.

Then we came up with the 25 chew rule! Credit here must go a bit to Darya Rose, where in her book Foodist (not an affiliate link) she briefly mentions how counting 25 chews helps with eating mindfully. Unfortunately Daria has stopped sharing her food journey and wisdom, but this tiny idea of 25 chews has grown into my rule of life! Well rule of food anyway, and it has been a total game changer.

Very simply, every time you put food in your mouth, chew it 25 times before you swallow.

Simple right!

The point of 25 chews is to get you present, to think about the food and it's flavour, texture, taste and anything else you are experiencing.

By being present with your food there are two amazing outcomes. Firstly, you will enjoy your food more than any other time that you have previously just shovelled it down, guaranteed! Well that is assuming the food is tasty.

Which brings me to my second point. Whilst there is no rule or restriction against any food with my method, chewing mindfully will naturally make you want to eat better food. Eating a dominos pizza mindfully is an interesting experience, I encourage you to try it!

Thirdly, eating more slowly gives your stomach a chance to catch up to your eating. I'm sure you've heard before about our stomachs often taking upwards of 20 minutes to tell us that they are full. Perhaps you have experienced this before where you keep eating thinking that you are still hungry, only to feel completely stuffed and uncomfortable soon after eating. I know I used to feel that way all the time! Slowing the pace of eating by counting chews gives the stomach a chance to let you know that you have had enough.

Lastly, you might not even feel completely full yet, but by being more present and mindful through counting the chews, it gets you to be more present in how much you feel you actually need. This is probably a bit trickier to implement straight away and comes with a bit of practice. But sometimes I now stop eating not when I am full, but when I know I have had enough. It's a little bit of a fine distinction, but through practicing mindful eating via counting your chews, this will make more sense. Plus I don't want to overeat my main course, because I now have dessert after every single lunch and dinner...and yes I have honestly lost weight since I started eating more desserts with this method, how cool is that!

Mindful eating is the first trick on how to lose weight easily without exercise
Eat more desserts (mindfully!)

So go ahead and try the 25 chew rule at your next meal. Or even better, try it now! Maybe you have a treat hidden away in the pantry, I challenge you to grab one now. Put it on a beautiful plate, in a quiet spot without any distractions. That means no phone, no TV, no reading and move away from the computer (then come back to this blog!). Sit there quietly and take a bite into your tasty treat, count your 25 chews and think about the sensation in your mouth. What do you taste? What do you feel? It can even help to write down your experience to get you really present.

I really hope you tried it out. It's something that can be applied to every single meal. But the great thing is you also can't fail! It doesn't matter if you forget one meal, just try and remember for next time. Just remember to remove all distractions. Social and family meals are of course a bit trickier at first, but interestingly you might find yourself more engaged in conversation as you are more present with your food and therefore more in the moment rather than worrying about life stresses!

So now that you are a a mindful eating wizard, I'm going to talk a little about how to simplify what you eat. Don't worry, again there are no rules and definitely no restrictions. This is about creating simple habits that you can create over time to become automatically a healthier and leaner version of you.

Trick 2: Overcook (not overeat!)

This is honestly the simplest and most effective weight loss technique, which when applied with the 25 chews method is insanely powerful for weight loss. It's what I've used to lose loads of weight easily, which you can read more about my weight loss journey here.

What I am saying here is to cook oversize dinners. Cook something you love, with as many whole foods and veggies included as possible, and make it in bulk. Curries and slow cookers are my ultimate choices here, because they are delicious at the first meal and often get better as they marinate in the days following. Then simply eat the leftovers for a few meals afterwards, either at lunch or why not dinner again. I know many don't want the same dinner multiple nights in a row, but if it's delicious and nutritious, why not!? Plus you can always mix it up a little.

For example, with a slow cooked stew, you can have it on the side of different dishes. Maybe the first night it is a tomato based casserole served on steamed potatoes with a side of green beans. The next night you might decide to put it with some rice instead and a bit of extra spice on top. I often do a slow cooker without meat, mainly because my wife is vegetarian. However, the great benefit is I can cook different meats to have with the slow cooked food so it feels like I'm having totally different meals each time.

Bulk cooking is trick 2 on how to lose weight easily without exercise
Curries are such a good meal to cook in bulk and are tastier the next day(s)!

The other great benefit of this is if you start cooking everything in bulk, then suddenly meals can become the sum of existing leftovers. For example, you might already have a slow cooked casserole leftover in the fridge. A couple of days later you could cook a roast to have on the side. Once the casserole runs out, you might still have som roast left, which you can have on the side of baked potatoes. Then because you have baked a bulk batch of potatoes, you have some ready to throw on the side of another meal. Etc etc, hopefully you get the idea!

Now I'm not going to suggest that you go crazy here measuring out meal sizes and I certainly don't encourage you to count calories or weight out portions. That is diet mentality, which we are trying to get away from because research has proven that diets simply do not work beyond the short term. But having bulk leftovers in the fridge that you can quickly add to each meal or simply eat (and chew 25 times!) is such a help to eating healthier.

Having the ingredients ready for a simple, delicious and healthy breakfast to lose weight is another effective adaptation of this method. For example, I eat homemade muesli like this one almost every morning, which feels like a total indulgence and has helped me to lose weight!

If you want to find out more feel free to get in contact for a free consultation. I'm happy to hear about where you are at with your diet and weight struggles, then chat about how applying some mindful healthy habits could help you.


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