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Hi! I'm James

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I've been interested in health for a long time, struggling with my weight since I was a young boy.​ Personally I have tried seemingly every diet there is, from low carb, vegan, paleo, calorie counting and even fasting with periods of not eating for days. Through my Masters research in Public Health and personal experience, I now know that these diets not only don't work, they often lead to a rebound of extra weight gained.

My wife has always been a slower eater than me. When we used to eat pizza before, I would often be reaching for my fourth piece when she was finishing her first! So the idea formed to slow myself down. I now eat slowly and mindfully at (almost) every meal and it has had an incredibly positive experience to my weight and enjoyment around food.

Traveling has also traditionally been when I have lost weight naturally. I always try to eat like locals, which means in Asia and even in Europe I always naturally lose weight. However, when I have visited the USA, I have always put on weight. This has always intrigued me but only more recently made me realise that eating more traditional whole foods, without restricting other treats, is one of the keys to lasting and effective weight loss.

Through learning to become a person that enjoys to eat quality ingredients slowly and mindfully, effective and lasting weight change has happened for me and can happen for you too.

Click this link to learn more about my story and the simple tricks I have used to lose weight without dieting or exercise.

My Mission

I believe there is a lot of misinformation around the benefits and needs of dieting to lose weight. My mission is to help myself and others to attain and maintain a healthy weight through sustainable healthy habits that don't involve quick fixes or unsustainable sacrifices.

If you are ready to start your journey towards better health, I would love to have a meal with you! Click to book your free virtual private 1-1 meal with me now to learn simple tricks to stop overeating by eating more mindfully for lifelong weight loss.

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